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by pieterh on 10 Nov 2009 16:30

Steven Heynderickx has started a new section on the Projects Forum to discuss upcoming designs, and so we've moved the design section off its temporary home in this blog to a more natural space in that forum.

The new Design Forum is a section in the Projects forum, with one thread per design. The old pages in this blog site now redirect (or soon will) to their new homes. There are some advantages in this move:

  • A single forum for all discussions on the "Wikidot Usability Improvements" project (which the designs section was part of)
  • The ability to create subthreads.

Subthreads are particular fun. The old model was page+comments, but after a while the comments start to become irrelevant to the page. The new model is page+subthreads, and each subthread can be independently closed when it's no longer relevant.

We'll be playing more with the page+subthreads model, which is a case of the TopicTree pattern I've described along with other patterns on the Patterns wiki.

Thanks, Steven, for suggesting and then doing the hard work of this move!

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