New design! Hooray!

by Squark on 29 Apr 2014 13:48

New design! Hoooray!

Everyone loves great designs especially when it comes to the web. This is why we introduced Bootstrap-compatible layouts a while ago to let you create great wikis with fresh themes. Now it's time to eat our own dog food and use it to refresh our front page, blog and the feedback sites. The account dashboard got a redesign too!


Honestly, the refresh was much needed and I hope it brings some fresh air. There are other reasons too: the new front page should do much better job explaining what Wikidot is to those who visit us the first time. The refreshed interface on the other hand is much more consistent and should improve the general experience on desktop, tablets and mobile.

There might be occasional issues with the design — if you find any, please let us know.

Other than that — let us know what you think!

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