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by pieterh on 29 Jul 2009 17:46

About a month ago we (Ed Johnson, leiger and myself) started on a project to build a blog template site and it's ready to test.

Take a second to read this site and tell me what you think of it. This template is one of a series (here's the one I'm working on now) that will give people fully-working Wikidot sites instead of the current bare initial site.

In other words, when you create a new Wikidot site, you'll be offered a series of templates: blog, forum, issue tracker, game community, education, wiki (!), private workgroup, etc.

As I mentioned in my original blog posting, I'd also like to go to the many thousands of people who have become active contributors of a Wikidot site but do not yet have their own site, and say, "look, we've made a blog site for you, take a look." I.e. create a site for them, make them admin, and stick their name in the title.

The blog template has some features that I'd like to use systematically on new template sites:

  • It has a Google translate function in the side menu.
  • It has a top menu based on Ed Johnson's suggestion. This puts the site manager, and other key actions in a consistent place.
  • It uses the Watchers module to show who's following the project.
  • It's built around ListPages, category templates, tags, and per-page comments.
  • It has a pretty picture on the front page. This one looks just like a cat I used to have and is used with permission of Paulo Brandão, the photographer.

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