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by michal-frackowiak on 14 Jun 2010 12:42


At Wikidot, we try very hard to balance the feature set on free accounts vs paid accounts. On one hand we want the free option to be tempting enough for people to start using Wikidot and get hooked, on the other hand we would like to offer an even more tempting option to choose one of our paid plans that provide even more features that help running successful sites.

Based on the feedback we received from our users, we decided to remove a few important limitations from free accounts that, according to several opinions, are real deal-breakers when starting with Wikidot.


Wikidot top toolbar (with Wikidot logo, social buttons and action buttons) and bottom toolbar (where we promote other Wikidot sites) are now optional for all sites. Admins of free sites can disable them now. There is still a reason to keep them around, because they drive additional traffic to your site, but they are no longer obligatory as some users may find them too intrusive.

We believe that this change will help free users customize their sites even better.

The option to configure toolbars is located at Site Manager » Appearance » Wikidot toolbars.

Content license

Free sites can now manage content licenses and choose license other than Creative Commons Share Alike. From what we have learned, forcing content license was seen as an unnecessary restriction and caused real problems, because any content published on a free site had the mentioned license applied automatically.

In addition to that, Creative Commons licenses and the licensing issue itself, is something that only a fraction of our users really understand and want to care about.

To change license of your content, please see Site Manager » License.

Instead we will…

No, we are not taking away anything in return. Because what we really want is to make Wikidot friendlier and easier to use, even for free users.

We will however more consequently introduce 3rd party ads on free sites, as mentioned back in March. This helps us keep the free version around!

Reasons to go Pro

There are still great reasons to buy a Pro account, such as more storage, more sites to create, web statistics, SSL, advertising-free sites, more members on private sites and support options to name just the most important ones.

We hope you like the changes.

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