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by Gabrys on 18 Feb 2011 08:57

This week we're going to highlight some of the sites hosted and powered by Some of them are extremely popular and we hope the rest to get popular soon. There is no strict criteria for these picks — but these are the sites that often make us say Wow!, and we simply want to share the links with you in case you missed them.


Demon's Souls

A site with complete information about very popular RPG game called Demon's Souls.


TI-Basic Developer

Useful resources for TI-Basic (language used for programming powerful calculators) programmers.


The PS3 Index

Visit the site for themes and games information for Play Station 3.



Something new for cooking fans.


Hacker Space Festival

Various festivals websites are often hosted by Wikidot. Here's just an example.


Roaring Apps

Application compatibility for Mac OS X Lion.


GoonDroid Wiki

Community wiki for Android hackers.



Serbian history online encyclopedia.



Quoting the authors, WikiMir "is a Wiki concentrating on Middle-east, Indian-subcontinent and Russia and its former soviet states".

Wikidot proves to be the right tool to create sites both quickly and precisely — starting a wiki for community takes a minute or two and with some additional time spent, you can create a nice-looking, useful and powerful site that can be used to gather important information and present it in attractive way.

Checkout the What's hot page for more active sites. And feel free to share the Wikidot sites you find most useful!

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