Maintenance on Saturday, 6th November

by michal-frackowiak on 03 Nov 2010 11:37

We are planning a short service maintenance to upgrade software on Wikidot servers. The maintenance is planned for Saturday, 6th November, from 8.00 to 11.00 AM UTC.

You can convert the time to your current timezone using the Time Zone Converter.

Services that will be affected during maintenance:

  • sites with custom domains that explicitly point to in the domain DNS records
  • site search

No other Wikidot services should be affected. If everything goes smoothly, service interruption should last no more than 15 minutes.

During the maintenance we will be addressing a performance problem we have been tracing for some time. It appears that when two or more people access Wikidot from the same IP address (for example from the same local network in work or school), TCP sessions are established only for one person and the other people's requests are handled with a big delay or never at all. We narrowed the source of the problem to be in Linux kernel. The machines affected have the same network adapters and roughly the same kernel versions. We suspect there are some bugs in modules for those network adapters and we hope upgrading kernel will solve them.

Since the last last Friday we are re-routing traffic to improve network connectivity, so if you were affected by the issue, your should already experience some improvement.

If your sites use custom domain mapping, and you need them to be on-line on Saturday, make sure that in DNS records for your domain you have entries like:   CNAME

or   A

If your domain points to, it might be temporarily off-line.

UPDATE, 6th Nov, 9.37 AM: Custom domains are up again, after merely 7 minutes of downtime. We managed to do all planned upgrades. Search might return partial results yet since we are re-indexing the content.

UPDATE, 6th Nov, 10.39 AM: Maintenance completed, all services are tested and working fine.

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