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by pieterh on 19 Jul 2009 11:40

Have you ever found it annoying how there are two different syntaxes for links: [[[category:some-page | link text]]] and [ link text]?

The reason is historical, the original wiki parser blah blah blah… who cares? Problem is: if we have a bunch of links to pages in the same site, and then we want to move that code to a different site, we need to add extra square brackets, before and after, and remove that vertical bar.

So, I've discovered a workaround that is so simple and useful it's worth sharing. Use this format for links to pages:

  • [/category:some-page link text]

And if you want to make the link absolute, add in front of it. That's it, voila! Well, just don't forget to add a link text: without that, it won't be recognised as a link.

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