Karma Levels

by pieterh on 13 Oct 2009 21:53

Sometimes, before we make a change, it's wise to just ask everyone their opinion. Then of course we ignore everyone and go ahead as planned. Just kidding… I'd like to change the names for karma levels. They don't seem to make sense. How does "very high" compare to "guru"? So here is my suggestion.

Tourist, Beginner, Adept, Advanced, Expert, Guru. And then one new level, Elder, for the tiny percentage of Wikidot users whose sites make a kind of whooshing noise as you visit them. Whoosh! You just saw something impossible. Whoosh! That was… elegant. Whoosh! How on earth? Beautiful… wow! Whoosh!

The new names may offend people who see Wikidot as a business tool. They do sound better for gamers and youngsters like me1 who treat Wikidot more as a pleasure than a chore.

So what do you think? Tell us! Better? Silly? Irrelevant? Maybe these names should be configurable on a per-site basis?

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