Just Activities, but better.

by Squark on 15 Apr 2012 17:50

Recently, after long tests and usability research we have introduced a significant change in Activity List. As you may or may not have noticed, every activity item shows a gearwheel on hover, which can be clicked to unveil additional options that depend on your watching settings. For example if you watch the whole site which the activity belongs to, you'd have "Unwatch site". Similar options are shown when you watch a category or just one page — "Unwatch category" and "Unwatch page" respectively. It's worth mentioning that you can reverse those changes in the same place if, for example, you've changed your settings by mistake.


This sort of activities management makes it much easier to keep information organized and have everything under control without going deep into the settings and browse to the specific page, category or site. We have also done our best to make the gearwheel visible only on hover, so as not to disturb the everyday reading of your activities. It's clean, simple and brilliant in its plainness.

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