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by pieterh on 01 Oct 2009 10:48

Today we rolled out a long-awaited feature, the top requested wish of many people: easier registration for new members of a site. Michal has written quite a detailed explanation on the wiki here, I'l explain briefly how it works.

First, open membership for sites: go to your Site Manager, and under 'Public or private', select the 'Open' privacy model.1.

Second, Join this site on the top toolbar. If you visit a site with open membership. and click that new link, you join the site. It's that easy.

Third, One-step registration & joining. We've made it much easier to create an account, and much easier to sign in if you have an account. For open sites, when you create an account you also join the site right away.

There is still work to do to finish this:

  • The existing membership modules need to be replaced by a new Join module that also does the single-step 'login and join', 'create account and join', or 'join' action.
  • We want to make an automatic "fly by registration" whereby visitors who comment on a site automatically create a Wikidot account and automatically join sites with open membership.
  • For pro users, the styling of the sign on and create account popups should be customizable with their site's look & feel, and logos.

Let me know what you think of these changes.

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