Is This the Future of Browsers?

by pieterh on 07 Aug 2009 09:43

Apan Loon (that is, I hope for his sake as a kid, not his real name) sent me some screenshots showing Wikidot in action in Second Life, which is a kind of "virtual world" where you can meet other "residents" with strange names and funny clothes.


Reminds me a lot of dear old boarding school, but that's not the point here. Apan (Loon?) has made something interesting and unique at least in the Wikidottiverse, which is a theme for Wikidot that turns it into a browser suitable for residents.

The translucent projected Star Wars-style browser shouts "future!" like atomic cars never did. We've all seen how computer screens have grown thinner and thinner, and larger and larger. Seems an easy prediction that we'll have massive transparent screens in every living room and office soon enough.

Ironically, as the screens get larger and larger, people have less and less tolerance for complexity. Our user interfaces get simpler and simpler and this is where Apan's theme and Second Life browser makes a kind of bizarre sense. I love the design and the small-but-serious Wikidot logo, I just don't want to have to put on strange clothes and a strange name (the one my parents gave me is already bad enough!) in order to get it.

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