Is It Taken?

by pieterh on 01 Sep 2009 09:55

Life here at Wikidot Headquarters is usually very serious. We discuss issue prioritization, the relative merits of SQL vs. value-pair databases, and the best live backup strategies. But sometimes we relax and open a few beers and play the ancient Polish game of "Is It Taken?"

The game is simple: everyone grabs their notebook, and beer, and searches for available domain names. The winner is the one who registers the most fun domain names. He (or she) gets beer. The losers also get beer. Later, everyone drinks vodka. (There is a more traditional version of the game which skips the whole computer part.)

The difficulty is that every obvious and short English domain name is taken, usually by a squatter who puts up random ads hoping for clicks. This is the original reason we used, which is not the easiest name to pronounce over the phone. There was not a lot of choice.

Every site can have a custom domain. This lets you replace the part with something else. For example, thanks to a game of "Is It Taken" we played yesterday, you can now use Or,, which is kind of cute. Additionally, for people who get it wrong, Then,,, and Finally, is long but easy to pronounce.

Of course as the game progresses, the domain names get sillier. I doubt anyone wants to use a subdomain at but it's there just in case.

The site has the full list and guidelines. At some later stage we'll code the more popular ones into so that they are available immediately for new sites.

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