Iron Giant Rollout

by pieterh on 03 Sep 2009 08:46

Good news, everybody! Today will be faster, even when a hundred thousand Mac OS/X users reload that Snow Leopard page. And secondly, we're starting to roll-out the Iron Giant template sites. Read on for the juicy details…

Last week we already split that Snow Leopard page into a static HTML version for anonymous users, leaving the normal dynamic page for logged-in users. Even so, it was taking 20-30 seconds to load for logged-in users, and our servers were getting fully loaded, causing random Ajax failures and 500 errors. Again, yes. :-( But, we found the problem. Technical explanation: there are a bunch of regular expressions that mash the HTML to do things like fix-up static file references (images, CSS) with version numbers. One of these regexps was going haywire, going O(n2) slower and slower as the HTML page got longer and longer. We've now found it, fixed it, and if you try the offending page you'll see it loads quickly.

So, I've put up a status indicator in the left menu. Green, yellow, orange, or red if things are really bad. We'll update this if we have any reason to think Wikidot won't be working smoothly, if we plan any maintenance, etc.

Now, the Iron Giant templates. You will see that all the template sites have a 'Clone this site' action on their main page. Click this, enter a new site name, and you get a full working copy of the site.

Next time you need a new site, don't start from scratch but try the default template or a more sophisticated template. If you have questions or problems with a template, or requests for improvements, please discuss on the projects forum. Cheers!

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