Instant Trashcan

by pieterh on 11 Aug 2009 15:46

Wikidot often makes life such fun, when we discover how add sophisticated functionality to a site in literally a few minutes. Today, I dealt with a spam entry (or at least, a very confused new user) on the wiki section of this site.

Normally I'd just delete spam but this one got some comments and it seemed wrong to wipe those out. So I made an instant trashcan for the wiki section:

  • Tagged the offending post with _deleted. Tags starting with underscore do not show on tag clouds.
  • Went to the wiki front page and added 'tags="-_deleted"' to the ListPages:
    [[module ListPages category="wiki" tags="-_deleted" limit="100"]]
  • Created a page wiki:_trashcan with this ListPages specification:
    [[module ListPages category="wiki" tags="_deleted" limit="100"]]
  • Added a Trashcan link from the wiki start page to the wiki:_trashcan page.

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