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by michal-frackowiak on 14 Dec 2011 13:24


Last week we introduced Activities and since then we have received positive feedback. Thanks! And we are really glad our new feature makes using Wikidot so much more effective!

We have added a few improvements to the activities in the last few days that we would like to share with you:

  • When you log in at Wikidot front page or create an account anywhere at you are automatically taken to your account.
  • Threading of activities related to the same page is now improved.
  • All new users automatically watch the community site and our blog, and we populate their activities with activities from the last few days so they do not need to face the "blank page effect".
  • New users have email notifications turned off by default, but the "auto watch" is now on (i.e. they watch every page they edit or comment all all sites they join).

We hope these changes will prove themselve to be helpful. We are also thinking about a few other improvements:

  • We need more complete coverage of activities (some actions still do not generate activities).
  • It would be great to have an option of daily (or once a few days) email digest as an alternative for instant email notifications. Just to keep people in loop.
  • How about watching a user? (Like following on Twitter or liking on Facebook?)
  • Some interface improvements are planned — easier activity management etc.

Our more general direction is to make the account dashboard the default place for logged-in users, leaving our front page at for the anonymous crowd. The front page itself would then explain what Wikidot is and focus on convincing people to use it.

And since it has been a whole week since we introduced activities it would be great to ask: how do you like it? Did it improve the way you use Wikidot?

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