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by michal-frackowiak on 20 Dec 2011 18:31

At Wikidot we used to be a bit conservative when it came to emails. For years we have been sending plain-text emails to be sure they can be read by most email clients. But the time goes by and the support for HTML emails de facto became a standard. So… why not switch?

Recently we started converting the format of our emails from plain text to HTML (with alternative plain text for older email clients) where applicable. Yesterday we introduced a new HTML layout for emails, improved wording in several cases and made things like recovering a lost password a bit easier. Email notifications about activities, various confirmation emails — they all got a new look&feel.

We tried to make the email layout simple, clean. Take a look:


Now there might be still minor formatting issues with some less popular email clients. Creating HTML emails is much more difficult than HTML webpages, mostly because there is no clear standard. Actually there is only a set of guidelines that makes your email render properly in most clients, but most of them have their own quirks. And this is including GMail too!

Tell us what you think. If Wikidot emails do not render properly in your email client (and this includes the mobile clients) — let us know too! Thanks!

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