How do you explain Wikidot to people?

by michal-frackowiak on 30 Mar 2010 23:07


I often find myself in a situation where I need to explain to a non-tech person what Wikidot is. And I do not have an hour for long talk, just a sentence or two. The shorter the better. And it's perfect when people respond That's interesting, I need to try it.

One thing for sure, there is such an enormous diversity among sites on Wikidot that it might seem difficult to find a definition what Wikidot really is. I could say "Wikidot is a platform that empowers its users to build amazing wikis", which is very close to truth.

A problem I find is that many people have no idea what a wiki is. Those who do, when they say wiki, they often mean Wikipedia. You can use this fact by saying Do you know Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia that people collaboratively edit? So Wikidot is like "a small Wikipedia for everyone". But this does not really work. One look at most popular Wikidot sites and you will see they are nothing like "small Wikipedias".

On the other hand, Wikidot is a kind of web hosting, where you build websites from pre-made elements or blocks. It is probably closer, but lacks the social and collaborative aspect.

Wikidot is also a sophisticated and powerful tool for power users, but with a learning curve. With the recent addition (still work in progress) of data forms, one can build really advanced web applications. But when you start straight with complex stuff, people lose focus easily. In the first approximation, they need to know one thing we do best. Next, we can show that Wikidot is much more. Start simple, go deeper when it is needed.

Over the years, the best short explanation that works for me and draws attention is something along the lines of:

Wikidot is a place where you can start building your own website in less than a minute. You can edit content, invite friends, upload images, set up forums, start a blog and much more.

So instead of going further I would like to ask you: how do you explain to people what Wikidot is?

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