Half a million users on Wikidot

by michal-frackowiak on 17 Jun 2010 13:05


Today, at 1.04 PM UTC, Wikidot welcomed its 500 000th registered user. We are very happy to see the growth Wikidot is experiencing — in terms of popularity, usage, features and as a business too. We see more and more interesting sites created and many vibrant communities growing, which proves our vision of creating a "wiki farm" worth its effort.

Here are some statistics showing where Wikidot is now:

500,000 — there are 52 countries in the world with less citizens
All pages:
4,955,444 — English Wikipedia claims to have 3,210,000 articles, Encyclopedia Britannica has 120,000 articles
All page revisions (edits):
Page revisions created last month:
614,491 — on average people edit a page every 4 seconds
Number of times wiki pages were viewed last month:
28,975,797 — we know, Facebook still has more…
People visiting wiki sites last month:
6,301,676 — that's comparable to the whole population of Tennessee
Largest site:
2,142 members
Monthly traffic:
5 TB — we would have to send 7,000 CDs filled with data
Number of servers:
6 machines, 36 CPUs, 54 GB RAM, lots of disks, serving 200 web requests per second
Alexa traffic rank:
3,153 — which means there are only 3,152 sites more popular than Wikidot

Thank you to all our users, contributors, advisors, investors and evangelists who believed in Wikidot! Without you Wikidot would not be the same.

Photo by James Cridland

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