Half a Million per Day?

by pieterh on 15 Sep 2009 10:40

I was idly trying out Wolfram Alpha, a "computational search engine". For fun, I asked Wolfram Alpha to compare Wikidot.com with Slashdot.org, a venerable news/discussion site that was originally one of those monsters that could kill innocent sites ("slashdotted") through sheer traffic of visitors.

The results are quite impressive. Wikidot.com serves 480,000 visitors a day, and 1.7M pages. Slashdot.org serves 1.4M visitors a day, and 2.6M pages. Slashdot.org is the 1,268th most popular site on the Internet, and Wikidot.com is the 3,044th. While Slashdot is 12 years old, Wikidot.com is three years old.

Now, it is safe to assume that those half-million visitors a day don't come to this blog; they come for the tens of thousands of sites we host. And these are just the sites at .wikidot.com. Custom domains add about 30% on top of that, so Wikidot.com is in fact serving around 2.2M pages a day, almost as many as Slashdot.org.

Keeping this infrastructure running smoothly is sometimes a challenge. This weekend, an unmonitored disk got full (ironically, of static HTML snapshots designed to improve performance), and suddenly file uploads stopped working.

In this blog I've often paid thanks to different people for their contributions. Today, it's fitting to thank Michal and Piotr, the two guys most responsible for keeping Wikidot running Fast & Smooth, even under this quite incredible load. Thanks, guys!

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