Good Morning, Wikidot!

by michal-frackowiak on 26 Feb 2010 12:33

As Pieter mentioned in the previous post, I am stepping in as a person-in-charge at Wikidot. Pieter has been leading the project for a long time (he came on-board not more than a year after launched) and now he is moving to his other promising projects. During past months Wikidot benefited from several great contributions and improvements by Pieter, and I believe what Wikidot is now is undeniably also thanks to Pieter's engagement. Thanks and good luck!

The decision we made was a difficult one, and based on several factors, both product- and business-oriented. Although I can firmly call Wikidot a successful project in many aspects, it still needs a lot of work in many areas. We will be presenting ideas to our Community and we are counting on your help and creative feedback.

For sure, our whole Wikidot Team here in Toruń will keep working hard. Or even harder. This is guaranteed, because this is exactly how we made Wikidot where it is now, in both popularity and maturity — through a lot of work and passion for creating web tools. We are going to focus a bit more on simplifying and optimizing most commonly used features and lowering the barriers for new users who start using Wikidot. But we will also continue working on things that we started, including advanced features for our tech-savvy users.

But most importantly, we want to be as much as possible transparent to our users — you altogether have created far more websites using Wikidot than us, therefore we value your opinion really high. We have learned that communicating with our users is a key role to success of Wikidot, and we will try hard to continue our work in this direction.

Thanks for using Wikidot and good luck to you all!

Michał Frąckowiak, founder and CEO of

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