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by pieterh
on 17 Feb 2010 15:19

There is a bug in the Wikidot syntaxone that's been annoying me for agesand I'd like to get your opinion on it. As you can see from this paragraph, a double hyphen (used as em-dash) gets treated as 'strikethrough'. This means that correct English writing gets messed up. It also means that text which contains an em-dash (—) can't be struck-through.

You get () this—. Worse, you can't strike-through any part of a paragraph that has an em-dash in it.

I've got some ideas for fixing this, so tell me what you reckon. One: only recognize a -- as strikethrough when it has a word boundary before, or after (at the end). Two: create a new strikethrough rule, e.g. --- which does not need word boundaries, and works like all other rules.

Update: I've made a design proposal for changing the dashes and strikethrough. We'll discuss a while and then make the changes.

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