Giant Imaginary Robots

by pieterh on 01 Jul 2009 14:53

I'd like to offer everyone a Wikidot site. Well, not everyone, but everyone who has joined a Wikidot site but has not yet created one.

What would an ideal 'my first Wikidot project' look like? The current new site template is a bit bleak. How about a personal blog? It could be a nice way to start learning Wikidot and we all imagine we're worth listening to. Sure, most blogs die off, but in the meantime, perhaps one more person has been introduced to the wonderful world of Wikidot.

In a comment on my last blog entry, Ed Johnson proposed a nice default top menu. OK, so now I'm asking you to tell me what else you would like in a basic Blog site. If you introduce a friend to Wikidot, what would you want to give them as a start? Things I think of would include: an installed blog package, a bookmarks page, a photostream page (hooked into a Flickr account). 3D tag cloud, Watchers module in the nav:side. Any other ideas?

But please, don't just tell me what you think would work. Instead, help make it happen. I've started a new site, For now, any logged-in user can contribute. All (non-trivial) contributors to the blog template will be listed in the About page: endless fame and Google ranking for those who seek it!

Once we get the blog template into shape, we'll activate the site creation robots who will stomp around shouting "ATTENTION WIKIDOT USER! YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR SITEHOOD! DO NOT RESIST! CLICK URNAME-BLOG.WIKIDOT.COM! EDIT! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!"

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