Finally, Faster File Uploads

by pieterh on 04 Nov 2009 13:53

Today we busted one of the more annoying bugs in Wikidot: uploading images would take forever (or around 30-40 seconds, whichever came first). I'm happy to be able to tell you that uploading now works properly, quickly, without delays, and without pauses, hiccups, slowdowns, dillydallying, lag, or even dawdling.

For the technical minded, an explanation: the cluster is powered by magical sprites, which we feed with discarded CDROMs. A group of these sprites, specializing in image redrawing, had by accident received a shipload of old AOL CDs and had spontaneously formed a discussion group about Sprite Rights. They started a trade union, work to rule, and general slowdown of image processing. So this morning we fired the lot and replaced them with nano-orcs, which are 10x faster and don't need feeding at all.

Translation: I don't know what Michal and his team of wizards did, but thanks, guys!

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