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by Squark on 19 Mar 2010 16:24


Dear Wikidot Users,

in this blog post we would like to announce a new place that is designed to collect user ideas and problem reports. Meet:

Right now there are two major sections on the site:

  • Problems (bugs) — if you think there is something wrong with Wikidot, e.g. an action button does not work as expected, a wiki page cannot be properly displayed etc. If we can confirm it and it is a real bug, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Ideas (wishes) — if you have an idea or suggestion how to make Wikidot better, easier, more powerful, friendlier — please share it. We will gladly review ideas, and implement them if we find it worth doing. Others can vote on ideas, so that we know better what is important for our users.

Whatever you post, we read it carefully.

However not every problem is a bug, and perhaps not every idea is mature enough to be presented. If you want to talk to other Wikidot users first, get help with your problem or ask for opinions, check out the marvelous, resourceful and helpful Community Site.

If you have any ideas about the feedback site, please let us know in comments below! Thanks!

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