Farewell Explorer 6

by Squark on 18 Mar 2011 13:20


In 2002 and 2003 it was used by almost 90% of all Internet users. It was the most popular browser up to 2007 until it was supplanted by its successors and competitors. Now less than 2% of Wikidot traffic is served for users of that browser.

Internet Explorer 6 is now a way outdated web browser. It's not compliant with web standards such as CSS, XHTML and has serious issues with web security.

In March 2011 Microsoft officially dropped support for IE 6 encouraging users to switch to newer versions of the browser. They said newer versions provide better privacy and security settings, tabbed browsing and improved speed.

Internet Explorer 6 is not only not recommended browser for users, but also means much work for developers. Constant need of testing web sites in this non-compliant browsers makes us work less on improving user interface or fixing bugs.

Because of this, we decided to completely drop support for Internet Explorer 6 in Wikidot service. The sites should be still accessible for readers, but no actions or interfaces (think My Account, Site Manager or toolbars in page editor) will be explicitly designed to work with it. We will stop including workarounds for bugs in Explorer 6 in all upcoming features.

It's worth noting that all major browsers but Internet Explorer behave mostly in the same way, so there's no need to test every piece of code in many of them. Dropping support for IE 6 means every new code needs to be tested only in a standard-complaint browser (such as Firefox or Safari), IE 7 and 8.

If you still use Internet Explorer, we suggest you to switch to other browser, that behaves in a more predictable way and properly support the newest web standards, like CSS3, XHTML and HTML5. This will make your browsing experience richer and more stable and efficient. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

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