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by michal-frackowiak on 22 Sep 2011 11:38

Hands up those of you who have Facebook accounts. Great! I could bet over 70% of you are waving your hands. So are we. And so would most of our friends. And friends of our friends… The undeniable feature of Facebook is that magically people not only use it, but also consider it the most important online communication channel. Weather you like it or not, Facebook is changing the way we connect and interact with each other and share things online.


Today at Wikidot.com we are introducing a totally new feature: integration with Facebook Connect. From now on you can

  • connect accounts at your two favorite web services,
  • use your Facebook account to log into Wikidot,
  • use a Facebook account to create a Wikidot account.

Connecting existing accounts is a piece of cake:


Right now the benefit of connecting your existing Wikidot account to Facebook is easier logging in. Instead of providing name+password combination, a single click at Connect button should be enough.


Now, for these without a Wikidot account the whole sign-up process is simplified dramatically — no password, no captcha, no email verification. You do not even have to fill the registration form. Again, a single Connect button can get you a new, fully functional Wikidot account.


Later on we will add more Facebook-related features, such as sharing or inviting friends. Wouldn't it be great to create a new site and quickly send invitations to your Facebook friends? Yes, we are working on it too.

Is there any particular way you would like to use your Facebook account from within Wikidot? It would be great to hear your opinion!

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