Extraordinary Individuals Part 1

by pieterh on 22 Jul 2009 17:16

Last week I offered five pro accounts to people who had contributed in some special way to Wikidot.

The five winners are: Brunhilda, ErichSteinboeck, James Kanjo, David Marseilles and Hartnell. Each is famous in the Wikidot community for their helpfulness, and knowledge of Wikidot. And yet they don't didn't have that elusive gold semi star beside their icon as Helmuti Pdorf and Rob Elliott and other gurus have.

Thanks to the five of you for being Extraordinary Individuals, at least in this part of the virtual universe. Your pro account upgrades will be arriving shortly, and I hope they're useful to you. To others who were nominated, or who nominated others, thanks for playing. We'll do this again soon.

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