Enjoy twice as much space for your files, up to 200 GB for Pro Plus

by michal-frackowiak on 17 Dec 2014 10:58


Anything can be improved. The strategy that (almost always) works is: If something is good, double it. It should be even greater. It applies to rainbows for sure. We are no magicians to control weather for sure, but there is something we can do…

I am glad to announce that we have just doubled storage space for all premium accounts. From now on you can enjoy twice as much space for your uploaded files. The new storage amounts are:

Pro Lite 15 GB 30 GB
Pro 50 GB 100 GB
Pro Plus 100 GB 200 GB

It's not a time-limited promotion nor an exclusive offer. We are increasing the space for all current users and all future upgrades.

As you likely remember, none of the wikis have a limit on number of pages — Wikidot gladly hosts both large wikis and small ones.

I am really happy that people, companies and organisations constantly find new, creative ways to use Wikidot. I hope the doubled storage will let new awesome applications emerge!


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