Dashboard Sneak Peek

by Squark on 11 Feb 2011 08:39


A few weeks ago on this blog we mentioned a feature that we're introducing soon — the Dashboard. It is meant to be a central place to manage your messages, invitations, sites, storage, memberships and account settings.

At first a very basic (though fully functional) version of the Dashboard will be presented. The current status is it needs some polishing, but it's already totally usable. Later we'll update the Profile and Settings panel to manage your account easier (now it's a bit of a mess).

The next big step to do with the Dashboard is integration of notifications. We'd like it to look and feel more or less like the Facebook Wall. It'll make accessing information much easier than relying on e-mail notifications. Comments, updates — they would just wait for you. The Dashboard is our new approach to make Wikidot more socially accessible.

Here are a few screenshots of the latest version of the Dashboard (please note that it's still under development):

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