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by Squark on 11 Oct 2011 11:23


Dark Souls is an action-adventure role-playing video game developed and published on PlayStation3 and it's the spiritual successor of the Demon's Souls. It was released on September 22 in Japan and on October 4 in US and October 7 in Europe respectively.

As in its predecessor, the dark fantasy gameplay focuses on dungeon crawling, killing monsters and completing quests with our superhero equipped with swords and spells. One of the reviewers described Dark Souls as a very hardcore dark-fantasy RPG that is role-playing right down to the roots, and stated that the massive field map and powerful enemies serve to rev up both your sense of adventure and your sense of dread. IGN reviewed the game 9.0 in the 10 point scale which is a significant recommendation to the game.

Upon the release of Dark Souls, StoogeStooge created a wiki site about the game — http://darksouls.wikidot.com. Judging from its growing popularity the wiki seems like a huge success. Since the release of the game the wiki has been constantly climbing to the very top of the most popular Wikidot sites.

It's his second big project, as Demon's Souls also has its vast wiki site, which has also been a great success.

We are really happy for choosing Wikidot as a home to the Dark Souls Wiki. At the same time we keep our fingers crossed wishing StoogeStooge and his team good luck!

Wikidot's most popular sites are about role-playing, shooter and action games, not without a reason. It's very easy to create a site where thousands of people may join, collaborate and make up a community of gamers. Now, with the Facebook Connect you may need only few clicks to be a part of a huge project about your favourite game, to share your ideas and experience, seek for help of the more advanced and savvy voyagers of the beautiful fantasy worlds created to pull you into the exciting exploration of tombs, castles and creepy dungeons.

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