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by pieterh on 02 Sep 2009 15:17

A few weeks ago I reported on a way to customize your CSS theme. Since then, some people have reported that this technique fails with IE7 and IE8. We've filed a bug report with Microsoft and my contacts there have promised "a fix before 2021, really!" So, for those unfortunate enough to try the "My Theme" technique, here's a workaround…

The problem is that IE7/IE8, being built on a superior Microsoft browsing engine, fail to recognize more than three levels of include. When they were building their engine, some dev asked the boss, "how many levels should we allow for?" and the answer was "three is enough for anyone!" Perhaps they felt that more levels would cost more. Or, maybe they just count "zero, one, two, many".

Anyhow. In that blog posting I explained, "create a custom theme called "My theme" that inherits from Base and contains this code…" This was wrong. Instead, in Appearance / Themes, select the _default category and Choose an external theme, then enter /admin:themes/code/1 and click 'save changes'. If you try to delete the "My Theme" custom theme you will get an error. Wikidot madness, don't worry about it.1

Anyone who cloned an Iron Giant template will find their clone has the same problem. Easy solution, go for it!

While we're discussing Microsoft, will-previously-known-as-the-dodgy-monkey has launched yet another fun site: which includes a section on how to hack the XBox 360 browser to handle more than three levels of CSS includes. OK, not quite, but it does have a nice cheat page for XBox GTA IV. Enjoy, and contribute your favorite cheatz!

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