CSS Package Competition Results

by pieterh on 01 Jan 2010 10:48

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks to all of you who posted entries for the CSS package competition. We're studying the entries now, and will announce the winners later today. Stay tuned for updates… :-)

Update Tell us your favourites, here.

Update Looking at the entries so far, I'm fairly impressed but not enough to give five prizes. Luckily, the competition rules include These rules may be improved and adapted over time if needed.

Three prize winners so far.

First, Fereal, for getting in early, before the original deadline, with two neat and perfectly executed entries, Easy Logo and Header and Simple Tables Manipulation. I especially liked that you showed the CSS code, Fereal, because part of any package is educational: to explain to others how you did it.

Second, Timothy Foster, for the nice and useful Fonting a Page package. This just shows precisely why per-page CSS is so useful.

And third, gerdami for his trio of entries, each solving one specific problem in a neat way.

To the others who submitted a package: you might still win. Don't be afraid to borrow ideas, improve on other peoples' work, and always aim to make your designs simpler. high level and more generic. We're going to extend the competition to the end of January.

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