CSS Package Competition - Update

by pieterh on 22 Dec 2009 10:25

Captain's blog. Wikidot date 2009.52.2. Today we are in an unknown and scary part of the fourth dimension called the present, after traveling in time from the year 2006 to get here. Rations are low, and the crew are getting scurvy1 I've decided to bolster spirits by breaking open our last barrel of bootleg Russian rum.

Decisions, decisions. It's sometimes tough to decide. This morning, scrambled eggs or omelette? And if omelette, cheese or tomato, or a mix of both? One espresso, or two? In the end, I try to make my decisions, and stick to them. The espresso omelette was very… interesting, thank you.

Back to the CSS package competition. As designed, the competition has some bugs that are now becoming obvious. Mainly, this is a bad time for a competition because everyone is so busy. So, this morning as I was chewing my brown and bitter but strangely tasty eggs, I realized that we need to extend it until 31 December.

This gives you the perfect excuse to escape the family on December 26th and spend a few days making something that thousands of people will look at and think, "what on earth was he/she drinking?"

Remember, we're giving away five pro accounts, valid for either 12 months or 1 year (your choice), for use by the winners or as gifts for friends and family. All you need to do is think of a clever use for the CSS module, and wrap that up as a cross-site include, or CSI. There are examples on csi.wikidot.com and css-competition.wikidot.com, where you can also find the rules.

I'll announce the winners on 1st January on this blog, if I can find a working computer and my brain. Enjoy!

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