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by michal-frackowiak on 19 Oct 2012 11:51

We often see popular community-driven sites that go far beyond the free (or even paid) plan limits or need a specific "pro" feature. Admins often ask us to upgrade their sites to actually allow them to develop their sites and in numerous cases we gladly do it.


But in the end we believe that community wikis require a different approach, which should not only provide all required features to grow, but also accelerate their growth.

Today we would like to announce a new category of sites at Wikidot:

Community Sites!

It is a new kind of sites that combine the best things we have at Wikidot:

  1. Free!
  2. More capable than Pro Plus!
  3. Extra promotion - we will help your site get more popular
  4. Direct support from our team!

In the past we have been working closely with admins of many popular sites and we wish to somehow standardise the way we contribute to popular, high quality wikis. Also by our personal involvement and support.

Large wikis play crucial role in growth of Wikidot itself. But we realise that large sites with hundreds of members have very specific needs. We have been adding features to help managing large number of users, pages or files, or even purchasing extra servers to handle traffic during special events. By introducing Community Sites we would like to continue these efforts.

Community Sites have all premium options enabled by default, including custom branding, user profiles within a site, advanced web statistics. But some options are unique to Community Sites: there is no Master Admin (all admins are equal) and the site is protected against removal. The access cannot be set to "private".

Sounds good? The trick is that not every site can become a Community Site. Only active sites with quality content can join. But in return we will do our best to help the sites grow.

We want Community Sites to be an alternative to both free and paid sites and we hope we can boost growth of already popular sites and help develop new ones. We definitely want Community Sites to become flagship wikis of Wikidot.

To learn more about Community Sites check our the Frequently Asked Question page. If you think your site qualifies for a Community Site, please apply and we will get back to you with more details!

PS. You can submit ideas for Community Sites too, and if you convince us your idea is the next-big-thing, we could help you build it.

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