Buggy Tuesday

by Squark on 15 Sep 2010 13:19


Yesterday Wikidot team worked heavily on fixing bugs reported on Feedback Site. We fixed six bugs and solved few other internal issues with servers and infrastructure. Now there are only seven (non-critical) bugs left on the list.

We thought it could be a good idea to make Tuesday the day of fixing bugs. This would give us a stricter workflow and our users would know that most of the bugs are fixed on Tuesdays. This mainly applies to long-standing bugs and little annoyances we hate so much, as urgent bugs are fixed as soon as possible anyway.

Why Tuesday and not e.g. Friday? We have a lot of stuff to do on Monday after the weekend: current maintenance, replying to emails, checking stats and server's health, reading notifications etc. Just after the Monday we are on our highest revs and it's the best time to make use of team's productivity. Thursday is a day when we're making plans for next week, implementing new features, tweaking infrastructure, doing internal stuff, papers, invoices etc.
On Friday we can experiment with some crazy ideas that comes in Thursday's brainstorming.

And since the summer holiday is over the whole team is back so we are back to the weekly schedule.

We've been busy today too. We fixed long-standing problem with redirecting users from wdfiles.com domain back to original sites and simplified user interface for leaving anonymous comments. We've also made a few fixes to comparing differences between revisions.

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