Bloody Winter Attack 4: The Rise of Snow Monsters

by Squark on 02 Dec 2010 14:59


If you live in Europe you have probably noticed the recent attack of winter. It's not surprising, since it's already December. Nonetheless there are big problems with the public transport and huge traffic jams in almost every city in Poland. Literally, we're stuck.

Nevertheless the Wikidot team is so awesome, that we always get to work on time. Even if we cannot make it to the office, we work remotely. Do you know what's the most significant difference between the external world and Wikidot? While everything is covered with a thick layer of snow, cars are not working, people are freezing on bus stops — Wikidot is up and running regardless of weather conditions. So are we :)

Recently, we did a couple of important things on Wikidot. The most useful and demanded by our users thing was adding the pagination to long forum topics. All threads are now divided into pages with 10 top-level posts per page. Cool, isn't it? Now forum threads can count hundreds of posts and still be easy to navigate :)

We also added support for 640px-wide thumbnails for images from Flickr, date rendering in page preview and support for Greek and Cyrillic alphabets in 3D tag cloud. We also fixed a couple of irritating bugs like page rating not updating automatically after voting.

At the moment, we're working on My Account UI, XMLRPC API and fixing bugs when they appear.

As a bonus, we're adding a photo explaining why we're not getting late to work. We have already changed tires to ultra-snow ones, putting casual drivers to shame. :-D

Take care and have a great time in snow fights!

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