Black Friday 40% OFF - starting now!

by michal-frackowiak on 26 Nov 2014 10:12

Black Friday is coming this week, but why wait? We decided to start the celebration right now. Each year we have something special. This time it's no different. Let's get to the point:


Anytime between now and 3 December if you upgrade or prolong your subscription and select "Bitcoin" at the end of checkout — you will get 40% off the final price.


Bitcoin again? That's right. We did a similar deal last year, we announced it on Bitcoin Black Friday and got fantastic feedback.

We are huge fans of Bitcoin and we deeply believe Bitcoin is a great step forward in online payments. It's secure, decentralized, fast and reliable. From a geeky currency Bitcoin grew into a powerful financial tool that has a great chance to change the way we think about money.


If you are a total Bitcoin newbie (as I was a year ago), here is great guide at It contains everything you need to know to jump onboard!

The promo will last till 3 December. If you are new to Bitcoin, note that verification might take some time at some exchanges. You can also buy bitcoins locally with LocalBitcoins, find a local Bitcoin community or use a service that sell bitcoins instantly.



The Bitcoin Friday 2014 Promo is over. Thanks to everyone who used it! If you missed it, do not worry, there is a permanent 15% discount when you pay with Bitcoin!

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