Bitcoin Black Friday: pay with Bitcoin - 50% off all upgrades!

by michal-frackowiak on 29 Nov 2013 09:52

NOTE: This is a blog post about 2013 promotion. The 2014 promo post is here!

I bet you've heard about Bitcoin — a new internet currency that is taking the world by storm. Invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, for a few years it remained a niche project — developed by enthusiastic developers, supported by a very small but strong community, now seems to be ready to revolutionize internet payments. There has not been a single financial or economics new source that would not mention Bitcoin in the last few months.


Now the real news — we are excited to announce that Wikidot joins the Bitcoin marketplace and

you can now pay for Wikidot upgrades with Bitcoin!

There's more: if you upgrade or prolong your Wikidot account between now and Sun, 8th Dec and pay with Bitcoin you

save 50% on all upgrades!!!

We hope that accepting Bitcoin is not only an awesome news for our current and future users, but we deeply believe we can help growing the economy based on digital currencies.

How to pay with Bitcoin? Visit the upgrade panel and complete the checkout. Select Bitcoin as a payment method and make a transfer to the address displayed. To make things easier, we provide a QR code for easy payment with mobile devices and link with "bitcoin:" schema for desktop wallets too. If you are familiar with Bitcoin it's nothing new.

Need to learn more about Bitcoin? Check out the official website at or watch this introduction video.

How to get Bitcoins quickly? Try Coinbase if you are in US. Bitstamp works well if you are in Europe. There are several exchanges around the globe where you can buy Bitcoins. You might need a wallet to store your new Bitcoin — either on your computer (check out Multibit) or on-line ( wallets are OK).

We wish you Happy Black Friday and many great deals!

The Wikidot Team

P.S. Check out the Bitcoin Black Friday website to find other great Bitcoin deals today!

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