On the top of Babel tower

by Squark on 07 Jan 2011 12:18


Dear Wikidot users,

recently we introduced a new Wikidot site called Translate. It is a place where our users can translate Wikidot's interface and therefore make our service more approachable by non-English users.

Wikidot was available in English and Polish since its beginning. Now it's time to make Wikidot as international as it can be done.

Ability to translate the Wikidot interface has been requested for a long time by our users and we finally managed to create a tool that allows translating Wikidot's interface easily. We'd love to see Wikidot in wide variety of languages, from the most popular to even such niche ones as Klingon :).

Every Wikidot user can join this site, participate in translating the interface and discuss the translation doubts and disambiguations. Once you are a member of this site, you can work on already existing translation, or create new ones. If your language is not listed in "Available translations" menu, you can be the first to work on translation to your language! We have nothing against multiple versions of translations, e.g. Cyrillic and Latin version of Serbian or American English and its pirate version of course!

Let's together make Wikidot even better and — which is more significant — easily available to people from all around the globe.

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