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Not only with work the man lives. Recently we have found a great way to kick back after our nine to five duties.

Most probably you have watched the marvelous Tron movie. Or at least heard about it. Either the original (which is considered a breakthrough in computer-generated special effects), or the remake (well, a cheap remake in our opinion).

Now, one of the most known scenes from the movie is the light cycle race. Fast-paced, state-of-art 3D effects (I am talking about the original from 1982) made us all want to ride such a vehicle.

Meet Armagetron Advanced — an open-source Tron-inspired 3D multiplayer game available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can also download the source code and compile it on your specific OS.

Armagetron is a very fast, good reflex demanding and very playable game where we all can compete together. Sometimes we also play BZFlag — another simple, but very joyful game.

Here is a tip: although the rules are dead-simple (just turning left and right), learn how to operate a camera with a few extra keystrokes. Knowing what's behind you is often a life saver.

The game is simple, has no fable at all, but if you want to relax after work (well, or steal a few minutes from your lunch break) — try it! We highly recommend it as an anti-stress tool. Tested by the Wikidot Team :-D

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