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by pieterh on 09 Sep 2009 22:22

It's technically already Thursday in Europe but let's pretend it's still Wednesday. Today, Wikidot ran smoothly, with barely a slowdown, even though network traffic hit peaks of over 20Mbps at around 8pm CET. We did a scheduled database reorganization last night at 1am CET, which helped keep performance perfect today. Me, I've just finished a new Iron Giant template site and a bunch of new themes.


The techblog template site is a fork of the standard blog template, but stripped down and redesigned to work as a technology blog. Mainly this was an exercise in design, to see if a typical technology blog could be wikified. The answer is, "yes".

As part of the exercise, I also produced a dozen or so themes, all variations on a… theme… sorry. This Minimalist theme set use no graphics, and you can customize them using only a little CSS. I have this vision of a module that will let you simply choose two colors, one for the highlight, and one for the background… bingo! A new personalized theme.

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