by michal-frackowiak on 24 Dec 2016 07:33

Me and the Wikidot Team would like to wish you all best. Whether you are going to celebrate upcoming holidays with your families or friends or you are just going to get some rest and prepare for new challenges — may this time fill your heart with peace and happiness! Best wishes!


PS. I also hope at least some of you will see some snow on Christmas :-)

by michal-frackowiak on 24 Nov 2016 17:02

Tomorrow is Black Friday — a highly anticipated day for many Wikidot users. Therefore we have prepared a special deal (yes, a discount!) for all our current and new users — and it starts now! Here are the details:


All prices are 40% off till Tuesday, 29 November. They apply to both new upgrades and prolongations. You can save additional 15% on top of the discount if you pay with bitcoins (simply choose "Bitcoin" at checkout).

To upgrade, simply visit the upgrade panel. The new prices are already there.

Happy Thanksgiving Day and many good deals on Black Friday!

— The Wikidot Team

by michal-frackowiak on 05 Oct 2016 09:13

Pieter Hintjens, pieterhpieterh, passed away yesterday after fighting his cancer. Unfortunately the cancer won.


There is no exaggeration in saying Pieter was the single most influential person in the Wikidot history — his hyperactivity resulted not only in dramatic changes at Wikidot, but also gave birth to several sub-projects. There was a time we have been working together night and day to make Wikidot better, talked about the future, what's waiting for us. These moments were inspiring and we will remember Pieter as someone who can devote himself completely to make something happen.

Pieter was one of the first persons that helped Wikidot become a truly global project — he was the first one to invest in Wikidot, which allowed us rent an office and hire first developers. He spent months in Poland away from his family to work with us. And to eat pizza with ketchup and mayonnaise :-)

It's not only Wikidot that Pieter left behind — he is pretty well known for work on ground-braking ZeroMQ, various protocols and software projects, his involvement with FOSS movement, but also as a writer. Even a quick look at his Twitter profile shows how many people he inspired and how enormous gap his absence will leave.

It's not fair to say Pieter is gone — his work is still here and will keep inspiring people. I believe the projects he started will be around much longer than lifespan of a single human. But still I can't help the sadness and emptiness after his death.

by michal-frackowiak on 04 May 2016 14:38

Last week we have re-shaped our database and made several performance improvements that should directly affect your sites, especially if you use tag and custom field selectors within the ListPages module. Even if not — your sites should appear a bit snappier too since the general load on the databases has decreased significantly.

by michal-frackowiak on 02 Jan 2016 17:27