by michal-frackowiak on 08 Jan 2015 13:17

Due to a change in VAT ruling in European Union (MOSS — Mini One Stop Shop) we are obliged to introduce changes in our payment system. Starting 1 Jan the VAT rate for all digital services (including Wikidot Pro accounts) is based on the location of the EU consumer — the country in which the consumer is ordinarily resident. As a consequence we need to apply different VAT rates, ranging from 15% up to 27%, based on the location of a subscriber.


Despite the new ruling we are keeping things simple. We decided to keep the gross prices same for everyone in EU, regardless of their country of residence. No changes here. Behind the scenes, we apply VAT rates for your country and alter the base net price.

by michal-frackowiak on 01 Jan 2015 16:18

On behalf of the Wikidot Team I would like to wish all of you all best in 2015. May you wikis be full of great content, gather devoted communities and be awesome!


Thanks for the 2014 — the year that was a bit difficult for us. Thank you for your activity on community sites and helping us run unique wiki-related services! But I am always most thankful for each wiki you have built on Wikidot! (except for spammers, sorry.)

We are looking at 2015 to do some great things. We will definitely do our best to keep Wikidot a top wiki platform in 2015!