by michal-frackowiak on 24 May 2013 10:05

We have been running Wikidot for almost seven years now. It is pretty long time for a web-oriented company in a fast-paced world of invention, progress and game-changing deals. No doubt Wikidot is considered a successful project, especially in Poland, where we come from.

In March I was invited to Openreactor — a Warsaw meeting for startup-oriented folks — to give a short speech about Wikidot and share my thoughts about running global, world-wide web services. The video has been recently released and I think it is worth sharing.

For these who have no time to watch the whole talk, but are still interested (or want to go global with their projects), here is a short summary:

#0 Prerequisite: stop reading Techcrunch, it might be depressing
#1 Make an AWESOME (and useful) product (that you would use yourself)
#2 Have a scalable business model
#3 Start small and grow (vs. inflate and die)
#4 Become THE face of your product
#5 Build communities
#6 Get only the best people to work with you
#7 Automate everything
#8 Scale your costs — use the cloud

My conclusion is that in order to run a successful project you do not need to be located in Silicon Valley, London nor Berlin. Nor does your project need to be large — you can avoid a problem of over-inflation. Growing slowly is great too.



by michal-frackowiak on 13 May 2013 14:08

It has been a while since the last blog post by the Wikidot Team. During the last two months we have been seriously involved in a few other urgent web projects. Unfortunately the amount of work we had affected our activity at Wikidot itself. But even though we have not been extremely active on the surface, lot of work has been done on infrastructure improvements and maintenance in order to make sure that Wikidot sites are hosted securely and served the best way we can.

There are good news coming too: to keep up with the work we are expanding our Wikidot team. The bugs/wishes pipeline should see a significant improvement in the near future. Our other projects are approaching the finish line — it means we are getting back on the track after several really exhausting weeks!

Thank you for all your support and your help!

Michal Frackowiak, CEO of Wikidot

PS. Regular blog posts will be back too!

by Helmut_pdorf on 11 May 2013 15:21

Perhaps You know this scenario: there are hundreds or more of "log:"pages (or another category like the "delete:" filled with old pages), often autonumbered and created every day more and more and your wiki and the list of pages is growing and growing and you wished often that there should be a possibility to "delete a big bunch of pages in one go" - or even to "Delete a complete category" ( like "delete:").