by RobElliott on 18 Apr 2012 18:28

A couple of hours ago the number of registered people at Wikidot passed the 1 million mark.

by Squark on 15 Apr 2012 17:50

Recently, after long tests and usability research we have introduced a significant change in Activity List. As you may or may not have noticed, every activity item shows a gearwheel on hover, which can be clicked to unveil additional options that depend on your watching settings. For example if you watch the whole site which the activity belongs to, you'd have "Unwatch site". Similar options are shown when you watch a category or just one page — "Unwatch category" and "Unwatch page" respectively. It's worth mentioning that you can reverse those changes in the same place if, for example, you've changed your settings by mistake.


by michal-frackowiak on 01 Apr 2012 05:52

Today we are happy to announce a major change in our product branding. Over the years we have found that the brand Wikidot is a limiting issue for the growth of our business. Not only it does not really reflect the fact that you can use Wikidot to create websites. Right, we know — the word wikiwiki means quickly in Hawaiian, but the global awareness of this word is negligible. The dot suffix does not help in understanding our mission either. Wikidot as a brand name is not only inequivalent, but also difficult to remember by our potential clients. Analysis provided by independent consultants seems to confirm our findings.

Because of this, our Board of Directors decided to rebrand Wikidot into: