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Dark Souls is an action-adventure role-playing video game developed and published on PlayStation3 and it's the spiritual successor of the Demon's Souls. It was released on September 22 in Japan and on October 4 in US and October 7 in Europe respectively.

As in its predecessor, the dark fantasy gameplay focuses on dungeon crawling, killing monsters and completing quests with our superhero equipped with swords and spells. One of the reviewers described Dark Souls as a very hardcore dark-fantasy RPG that is role-playing right down to the roots, and stated that the massive field map and powerful enemies serve to rev up both your sense of adventure and your sense of dread. IGN reviewed the game 9.0 in the 10 point scale which is a significant recommendation to the game.

Upon the release of Dark Souls, StoogeStooge created a wiki site about the game — Judging from its growing popularity the wiki seems like a huge success. Since the release of the game the wiki has been constantly climbing to the very top of the most popular Wikidot sites.

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Recently we have introduced Facebook Connect — a new way to connect your Facebook and Wikidot accounts, which simplifies the sign-up and sign-in processes. Today, after 11 days, we think it would be nice to share some numbers and show how many people actually use it. And we have some improvements too!

Total number of Wikidot users 918,633
No. of all users with a connected Facebook account 768
No. of users who added a Facebook account to their existing Wikidot account 171
New user accounts in the last 11 days 4,555
New users signed up using a Facebook account 597
Facebook Connect sign-up ratio 13%

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Hands up those of you who have Facebook accounts. Great! I could bet over 70% of you are waving your hands. So are we. And so would most of our friends. And friends of our friends… The undeniable feature of Facebook is that magically people not only use it, but also consider it the most important online communication channel. Weather you like it or not, Facebook is changing the way we connect and interact with each other and share things online.


Today at we are introducing a totally new feature: integration with Facebook Connect. From now on you can

  • connect accounts at your two favorite web services,
  • use your Facebook account to log into Wikidot,
  • use a Facebook account to create a Wikidot account.

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As you may have already read in one of our recent blog posts over the last few months we've been fighting the increased SEO-related spam activity on Wikidot. Though at first glance this war seemed like tilting at windmills, we've designed spam-prevention mechanisms that are surprisingly efficient, especially when dealing with automatically created sites. Even if spammers are able to create such sites, we delete them. We hope that spammers eventually will get bored of this uphill struggle.

Automated content creation tools and spam is a huge problem for us. As previously explained, low-quality content may harm the project because it appears to be less worthful and reliable for users, advertisers, investors etc. Who'd want to have its project hosted and managed by a service used vastly by spammers?

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September, end of summer, getting back to work. A pessimist would claim it is one of the worst moments of the year. An optimist on the other hand would point out that the refreshing holiday season gave them tons of new ideas, and the energy to get back to old projects and to start new ones. We are definitely optimists and we wish all of you such an approach!

Nevertheless, for most of us (professionals, researchers, lecturers, students, hobbyists) the productivity season starts. And we believe Wikidot can boost your success.


To help you start with your new projects and ideas and put them to life we have prepared a discount for our premium services, namely Pro Lite, Pro and Pro Plus - we are slashing the prices by 50% till 18 September!

Plan Regular price New price
Pro Lite $49.90 $24.95
Pro $119.90 $59.95
Pro Plus $239.90 $119.95

by michal-frackowiak on 03 Sep 2011 07:33

Summer holiday is over and it is definitely time to get back to real work. Actually, never closes for any holiday season, but due to human nature and labour code some of us need to take time off once in a while, which leaves the rest of the team with twice as much work as they usually have. And less time for innovation.

But even despite that we have recently implemented a new, long-awaited feature which some of you have already spotted. Page drafts.


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Spammers, ugh… sorry, internet marketers use various means to promote products and services over the Internet. Sending unsolicited emails, posting junky comments on blogs and forums and, in general, making life of other people difficult.

Last week we looked closer at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how Wikidot was being (ab)used by marketers to promote online content.