by pieterh on 02 Feb 2010 17:24

Not quite the Grammies, but still: out of seventeen competition entries, we've finally chosen five prize winners. Guys (I can safely say, because no women entered the competition), please step up to collect your awards.

by pieterh on 02 Feb 2010 17:10

Another day, another random idea. How about being able to choose a personal color, so that any comments one makes are coloured with that comment? Like signatures, but more subtle. Perhaps a box around the comment, or background shading, or font color…? Maybe related to karma level?

by pieterh on 02 Feb 2010 09:07

Good news, everybody! You can now mark categories as private, on public sites. This feature is available for all wikis (free and pro). Note that you can't make the default category private, mainly because that would just give you a private wiki, which is still a pro feature.

by pieterh on 31 Jan 2010 16:20

Seems some guy at Facebook has spent two years writing a PHP compiler. runs on PHP, as you may or may not know. So we'll be looking at this new tool when Facebook releases it, to see whether it does in fact offer us a useful speed-up.

by pieterh on 29 Jan 2010 09:47

About a week ago we reorganized the search indexing system and by accident, broke indexing on new content. Sorry for that, it should be working again now, let me know if you still have new pages that don't show up.

by pieterh on 26 Jan 2010 14:58

Tuesday, named after Twyera, the ancient Norse goddess of bad moods. Traditionally a day for reflection, after the grim "is it really Monday already" awakening and before the "maybe I don't need to strangle the boss after all" relief of Wednesdays. In Wikidot land, Tuesday is the day for rants, complaints, even mild flame wars (respecting, of course, the posting guidelines (deleted)).

by pieterh on 22 Jan 2010 09:08

Life in the Wikidot wonderland never stops. We have private categories working in test (and some of you have already played with those), and we're pushing ahead with data form support, a major feature that has lots of us very excited. At the same time, we're looking at making the editor interface simpler and better. And so on: the Wikidot roadmap stretches seemingly forever. But now and then small things happen that make life just… sweet.