by Gabrys on 29 May 2010 10:08


Yesterday we replaced ListPages module with its new implementation. It works exactly the same for users, but is much more elegant for a programmer.

The module is now divided into two layers. One layer is selecting pages (named SelectPages API) based on criteria and the second layer is displaying the pages using given format. SelectPages API is reusable so we will use it at least for generating RSS feeds (so that they can have the same parameters passed by URL as ListPages has).

by michal-frackowiak on 12 May 2010 21:17

I would like to apologize everyone who was trying to use Wikidot for the last few hours, but could not log-in or could not edit pages, without getting any reasonable error message from Wikidot. It took us more than a crazy hour to nail the problem and fix it.

The problem was caused by a piece of profiling code that was added to Wikidot by one of our developers. The code was added outside of our usual workflow, not even through the our version control system (git), thus skipping the internal review process. Moreover, the code was causing an error in a few places, but was silently damping all error messages, and not leaving any trace in the logs. This fooled us and we were rather suspecting lower-level problems with our main server.