by michal-frackowiak on 28 Oct 2010 13:56


You must have heard about Twitter. If not — Twitter is a social service for posting short messages that other people can subscribe to. It is being used by millions of people worldwide, which makes it one of the largest information distribution networks.

Last week we introduced a feature that allows associating a Twitter account with a wiki and posting selected activity information directly to Twitter. The mechanism is dead simple, but we can already see users find it useful, especially for wikis with community-generated content.

Not only it might help your users keep up-to-date with your site, but can enormously help promoting your site through yet another social tool.

by Gabrys on 21 Oct 2010 12:10

The hardest thing in writing blog posts is choosing appropriate images to illustrate the content. These are the images that almost made it to the blog.

by Squark on 14 Oct 2010 11:06


We believe that the awesomeness of Wikidot is going to be legendary some day :) For a limited time only, for 7 days, all Pro accounts will cost just 50% of their regular price!

Plan Regular price New price
Pro Lite $49.90 $24.95
Pro $119.90 $59.95
Pro Plus $239.90 $119.95

If you still have a free account you can take advantage of this outstanding offer and upgrade your account to get more features. If you are a Pro user, feel free to prolong your current subscription for another year (or more) for just half the price!

This special offer ends next Thursday, 21. Oct, so act quickly!

by TeRq on 07 Oct 2010 13:48


We wish to announce that a new awesome feature is now available — the long awaited newsletter functionality. It was one of a most popular wishes on our feedback site.

This new functionality is available in Manage site panel "" under "Members » Send newsletter" section. It allows site admins to send a private message to all site members in one step. You can use wikidot syntax in the messages.

In the last few days we introduced a few more improvements to Wikidot. Due to frequent mistakes made by users with creating links, wiki syntax now accepts tri-parenthesis URL links, e.g. [[[ | Description]]]

Site manager (admin:manage) and forum pages (forum:start etc.) are hardcoded and it's impossible to change their source code or remove. It prevents admins from accidentally breaking forum structure or losing control over site.