by pieterh on 10 Nov 2009 10:29

Hi, Wikidot users. Today is that day you can complain about all the things you dislike about Wikidot, wish we did differently, or just find silly. Let's have your rants!

by pieterh on 07 Nov 2009 18:11

We've fixed one more major bug in our pro accounts are too cheap. Ironically, being much cheaper than other wiki hosting firms means that many people look at and think, "oh, cheap and unreliable!" So we are applying a simple solution: we're doubling our prices.

by pieterh on 06 Nov 2009 14:35

The prodigious Shane Smith writes, "have you ever wanted to add an analog clock to your Wikidot site? I've just created a module that does exactly that!"

by pieterh on 04 Nov 2009 13:53

Today we busted one of the more annoying bugs in Wikidot: uploading images would take forever (or around 30-40 seconds, whichever came first). I'm happy to be able to tell you that uploading now works properly, quickly, without delays, and without pauses, hiccups, slowdowns, dillydallying, lag, or even dawdling.

by pieterh on 03 Nov 2009 08:32

Today it's Tuesday. Here in Torun, Poland, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, or at least they would be if it was not so insanely cold that the birds are actually hiding in a hole in the ground, drinking vodka and tweeting "Kurwa! It's cold!" to each other. That's my rant for today: someone has turned off the heating here in Northern Europe, and it sucks.

by pieterh on 02 Nov 2009 16:06

When we launched three years ago we had the vision of offering a reliable, fast, and economic way of building web sites, wikis, and social web applications. It was not clear, at the start, whether this plan would work. Today, I'm happy to be able to tell you that after almost a year of having introduced Pro accounts, Wikidot is making a modest but growing profit.

by pieterh on 31 Oct 2009 14:19

On Thursday and Friday we rolled out a very important new feature, cross-site includes, or CSIs. CSIs make it possible to share code across sites. I'll explain roughly how this works, and provide some examples of where we're already using it.